Reflections on Systems Thinking and Task 3

I have found systems thinking to be very interesting and a valid way to analyze complex problems and think about possible solutions. The process takes a very long time, but complex problems require a great deal of thought and consideration, and a process that forces you to break the problem into various components and look at each separately is a good way to give a complex problem the time and consideration it needs.

I am finishing up the last section of my Task 3 final project this evening, writing my recommendations. My initial research was designed to document the problems in my chosen system, and in the process, I located several proposed solutions. One solution in particular really stuck out to me as a strong candidate and the one I wanted to argue for when writing my paper. The entire paper has been building to this solution, and I feel I am in a good position to argue this as my proposed solution and I have plenty of evidence to back my claim. The way the motion picture model helped me to lay out the paper provided the ground work for this argument, and I feel good about it.

As I wrap up this course, I need to complete Task 3 and be prepared to present on it on Tuesday night. I also need to write one final reflection for this course. Several weeks ago when health issues and computer problems left me so far behind, I really did not believe I would be in this good of shape when this final week of school rolled along, so I feel fortunate that I am this close to finishing. The course has been challenging, made more so by my own personal struggles, but I feel like I’ve finished strong. The biggest challenge left is going to be finishing up Task 3 tonight without growing tired or missing a step, as it is already 9:30 pm and I need to reserve tomorrow evening for work in my other course.

I really see myself using systems thinking in my workplace. Working in higher education, there are plenty of complex problems I face which require some time and analysis to resolve. I have already applied systems thinking to at least one issue at work and I foresee this process coming in handy to help me sort out several issues I currently face as well as others of which I am not even yet aware. I look forward to the challenge.

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