Reflections from the LTCA activity

I was asked to reflect on what I value in regards to instructional design. Does my past training have anything to do with that? Is it in line with my worldview? Does the advanced ID model I’ve chosen to present to my peers reinforce my worldview and beliefs or help me grow?

I was trained on very basic foundational principles of instructional design. Although I was taught that ADDIE was a framework, not a model, I was taught a model based on the ADDIE framework. That said, my worldview is very eclectic and flexible. I believe there are appropriate times and places for about every learning theory and model. I value that diversity and the ability to select the appropriate model to fit the job and the needs of the students.

The model I’ve selected, problem-based learning, is reflective of that worldview, in that it can be used with a variety of models and works within the framework of several learning theories. I do, however, believe I will grow by learning more about it.

After reviewing the class video tonight, the major change I would make to this reflection is to state that I think I want to focus my problem-based learning model on the use of PBL as a professional development tool for faculty. The only other thing that comes to mind relates more to some of the information I learned today in my seminars at the Educause Learning Initiative annual meeting. I was fascinated today to learn that one of my heroes in ID, Richard Mayer, came up with a learning theory founded in research on three metaphors of learning. His third metaphor, knowledge construction, aligns with constructivist learning theory. Mayer also came up with his own ID model to help students with knowledge transfer (or construction) from expository text. This model was known as the SOI model, which stands for selection, organization, and integration, and it might actually be an advanced ID model. Although I am pretty interested in sticking with the PBL research, this model is also very interesting to me and I could be persuaded to jump ship since there are at least two other students already looking at PBL.

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