Growing in my Personal Learning Theory

I’ve had several opportunities over the past week to discuss my personal learning theory with others in my field, both in class and out. I’ve discovered that there is more agreement within education than derision, at least among those I’m privileged to call my peers.

While the readings make a big deal of the deep-seated argument that exists between true constructivists, cognitivists, and behavorists, and the educators I’ve spoken with have all been in agreement with me that there are merits to all three theories and that the wise instructor will use the method best suited to his or her learners and the situation at hand.

Rather than feeling the need to refine or reform my thinking after the feedback I’ve received both from my classmates and the people I work with, their reaction to my personal learning theory has only made me feel better about it and helped me feel stronger in my support of it. As I vocalized my theory and the reasons behind why I believe as I do, I felt better prepared to do so in the future from a researcher’s standpoint. I am beginning to feel like I know the material I’m reading and understanding it, and I am able to synthesize it into a world view of my own.

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