My Personal Theory of Learning

It’s hard to put myself in a box and say, “This is where I fit.” I have long considered myself a Constructivist, but then I got in among a group of professionals who interpreted constructivism quite differently than I do, where any sort of structured learning environment would have been totally against constructivist principles. That’s not what I see in the majority of the literature I have read on the subject, so on a whole I would say I embrace constructivist principles.

I also fall into the category of collaboratist. While I’m not one of those who thinks every student learns every subject best in collaborative situations, I do think there is a strong measure of truth to the theory. I also believe collaborative learning is key to training our students to work in the flat, global, collaborative workplace of the future.

I also embrace a bit of Cognitive Information Processing Theory. Even though the literature has done away with the term “learning styles”, I do believe different students have different learning preferences, and that much of what we learn is based on our previous experiences and interest level. I think as an instructor we have to find ways to tie what is being learned back to the student’s personal experience and interests, and I believe in offering differentiated instruction to appeal to the learning preferences of a wide range of students.So I guess I’m a mash up. Someone will have to come up with a name for my philosophy of learning. Cognitive cooperative constructivism?

One response to “My Personal Theory of Learning

  1. This is exactly the kind of reflection on this that you should be doing. Nice work! It’s hard to put yourself in a box and it’s good that you recognize it. Constructivists are a hard bunch and I understand what you are saying completely. Part of the problem with hardcore theorists is they can be inflexible even in the face of contradictory evidence.

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